ana carolina fabrega
ana carolina fabrega

ana carolina fabrega

barcelona (ES)

My name is Ana Carolina Fabrega, Im 21 years old. I was born and raised in Panama City, Panama but currently living in Barcelona Spain. I started with my undergraduate degree back in Panama City as a business engineer.

Then I wanted to explore something new, new cultures, language, people. . . I came to Barcelona looking for a better education and new opportunities. I applied to La Salle, I got a schoolarship to continue my Studies, but this time it was business engineer and computing.

After two years, I realized I wasnt passionate for what I was doing. There was something missing. Then its when I decided to switch 360 degrees and Start investigating what was to be part of the creative world.

I always loved the fact of designing, creating and composing new stuff and Materials. I apply to IED and got accepted. Im currently cursing my 3rd year on August. I found my real passsion and love for the design world.

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