LoveProps Irun

LoveProps is a prop-making team formed by two members. An industrial engineer and a prop enthusiastic that work together bringing to reality the unexisting pieces our collaborators want, but cant have.

We make it possible. We build with love handmade objects and custom design electronics. A maker team that expends as much free time as possible to take part or develop prop-making projects and electronics/software dedicated to props/cosplay and unique objects.

We work hard and durable materials, such as bondo, tinted resins, clear resins, plastics, acrylics. . . Applying techincs as 3D designing, 3D printing, thermoforming, silicone molds, painting, weathering, clear coats.

We love techonology related projects with futuristic feeling. We work custom design electronics, PCBs, through hole soldering, SMD soldering , custom connectors and ribbons, wireless connections and interactive sensors.

We love to go further than replicas, expand the original features exploring with nowadays technology, mechanisms and robotics. We love what we do, and the dedication and perfectionism is reflected in the final result of our projects, commonly special and unique pieces.

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