Tetiana Donska / Ester Digital

Tetiana Donska / Ester Digital



My career started as a 2D Artist in the Game development industry with a strong foundation in Fine Arts. But I realized that I was more interested in UI and UX design, in this area I have more possibilities to reveal my potential and bring together my knowledge of art and engineering.

At Ester Digital, I'm an Art Director and I have over 4 years of experience in web and digital design in which my knowledge, vision, strategy and management were tested and proven in various projects such as enterprise websites, web applications, TV applications, virtual reality projects.

I have experience working with all aspects of graphic design, and most importantly I understand how to create effective visual solutions that test and design for human factors, including UX, UI, wireframing, and prototyping. In any project I am responsible for design.

Generating ideas, planning, researching, communicating with teams and business developers, providing solutions to problems

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