Vasiliki Zotou
Vasiliki Zotou

Vasiliki Zotou Athens (GR)

Vasiliki Zotou is graphic designer from Greece. In 2012, she got accepted in the Athens University of Economics and Business at the Business Administration department and began her studies there. After spending about a year attending classes there she realised that Business was not the right path for her, but acknowledged the fact that these studies were and opportunity that she had worked hard for and should not be treated lightly and decided to keep studying at AUEB in order to finish her degree. So after serious consideration and research she started classes at Vellios School Of Art to fulfill her true calling and become a graphic design student. There she studied with some of the best award-winning greek designers such as Bend Design, Konstantinos Miaris as well as many more, and met amazing individuals and professionals. Now, four years later she is almost finished with the studies at AUEB and is a graphic designer working full time in Athens and as a design director at TEDxAUEB.

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