2018 World Chess Championship


Championship 2018 took place at London’s College in Holborn. We were asked to make chess attractive again, so we performed a radical shift from boring to cool and presented the sport, which is considered being conservative, as a very intimate and social affair.

The visual identity included an emblem, communications, online broadcasting platform branding, venue branding, and product design. We focused on returning the human to the game, with his deep emotions, whether viewing or playing.

This was reflected in a provocative emblem, tone of voice and the whole visual envelope. Redesign linked all business units in a solid visual system.

We are Shuka: brand and design bureau from Moscow. We give brands a resilient environment, consistent architecture and sustainable living. We hear and we listen, structure and articulate.

We produce emotions out of stories. Our background in print media and strength in typography allows to propose distinctive approach to storytelling through web, product and motion design; the experience of collaborating with clients of different scale and areas makes it multidisciplinary.

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