Caderno de Memórias—Rui Eduardo Paes

By: Pedro Matos Chaves

The "Caderno de Memórias—Rui Eduardo Paes" is a unique concept proof of a hypothetical collection called "Cadernos de Memórias do Jazz Português" and it arose as a response to the project proposal launched in the 2018/2019 edition of the curricular unit of Editorial Design for Digital Media, from the study plan of the Master's Degree in Design and Multimedia of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra.

The project objective was to explore and work a musical style, developing a proposal with a clear duality and an analogical and digital complementarity. The main concept of this project is based on the assumed rejection of the history of jazz in Portugal and the celebration of the stories of its main protagonists.

Thus, from an interview with one of the main figures of the Portuguese jazz scene, something much more than a scrapbook with an mp3 player pasted on the cover is born, an unwieldy choreography presented by images and notes for a sound piece (66 min) in which Rui Eduardo Paes invites us to a journey through time and space, philosophy and politics and everything that is jazz, not being.

The project is divided into two parts, analogical and digital. The analogical part is composed of a handmade scrapbook filled with documents, maps, photographs, and drafts. The digital part consists of a sound piece comprised of an mp3 module.

The analog and digital parts complete each other. When we listen to the interview or visualize the artifacts of the scrapbook we understand what we are listening/visualizing. However, if we visualize the scrapbook and listen to the interview simultaneously, we get a much clearer and realistic idea of the stories that are being told.

This was the reason why it was so important to "paste" the sound into the image (the interview in the MP3 module to the scrapbook) as if they were one. NOTE: In the Project Video URL is presented the sound piece made for the scrapbook.

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