By: Stella Rosa Ferrazzo

Around the world, it is estimated that there are 2 billion tons of coffee grounds that end up in the garbage every year. The product line is called Caferì, the main material are coffee grounds.

A mold was created and has been worked with the lathe. Thanks to the lathe, each time you can get a different shape with different details, so that each piece is unique. The three products are candlesticks, incense holders and flower vase.

The material can be applied to different uses. The handles are made of aluminum and copper. The design is very minimalist. The mold is formed by two parts: compose and decompose. It has been trying to create a mold with a shape and immediately remove parts to get the final result.

After making the mold, the piece was worked with the lathe and the material was removed. All the material that is removed can be reused for the next mix. The material could be classified as bioplastic.

The material is durable, easy to work and light. The project was developed in IED Barcelona, design school.

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