Carvão de Aço - Adriano Miranda Photography Book

Gráficos Associados

The book "Carvão de Aço", collects 130 of the approximately 2,000 photographs that Adriano Miranda took in 1992. The photos organization respect the miners working day, from 8am to 3pm, from the moment they descend to the mine until they return, ending at the time of the bath.

When the miners see the book, they go back down to the mine, as they did 25 years ago, reviewing the old days of work. The book is all black, from cover to cover. It's like a piece of coal. There is no kernel, no white margins.

The existing white is only from photographs, which are fused with the black background. All black to feel the intensity of the mine. When leafing the book, we travel in black, in the dark.

Even the small personal notes that accompany some images are gray, to don't disturb the dark environment of the mine, of the book.

There are only a few points of light, from the helmets, particularly when you are in the background... And these points of light illuminate anything else around.

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