By: Carmela Lorusso

Installation - Sacredness
Description: The work consists of an installation divided by two elements. A hand-drawn organza veil is placed in front of a multilayer propylene sheet. The organza veil is hung from the ceiling with a hook, while the propylene sheet placed behind the veil is attached to the wall.

The veil in organza measures 135 x 110 cm, the cloth in propylene 100 x 100 cm. The work with the transparency of the image filtered by the veil wants to represent the incorporeality of the idea of ​​the sacred, untouchable, unapproachable, barely perceptible.

The sacred animal bull from the origins of man, represented and revered by many ancient civilizations has always been a common symbol in the collective imagination linked to fertility, abundance and strength.

The bulls were sacrificial victims, as was the ox. Cattle have been very important in the spiritual life since the first Mediterranean civilizations. The ox was an offering pleasing to the gods, propitiated the initiatory transfiguration of the young warrior.

It was offered in immolations or in agonis with a cultic background, in sacred games and in primordial forms of commerce.

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