Distorted trips

By: Javier Mugica

During my travels around the world I take average pictures and transform them into fantasy scenes. In these cases I got images that only a person starting in photography would submit and I decided to transform it into something completely different by adding elements that were not there before and adding a human element.

When I edit I want to transmit how I feel through color and light, but with these images I want to transmit what I have inside my imagination and the places I would like to travel if it was possible.

This is why the hues and luminance are so different from the original photos, because the reality is the same for everyone, but my reality is different from everyone else, like for every artist.

Art allows us to express ourselves, but there is also a part of ourselves that stays quiet because even us don't see it as much as we would like. That's why whenever I see it, I immediately work on it to make it real.

This project is yet incomplete, but it will never be finished until the day I die. Every place I visit grants me an opportunity to create new worlds, to just stay put in a single country would be a crime against my freedom and all the opportunities I've been granted, so the moment I start traveling again I will let my imagination fly again.

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