By: Susana Zaldívar Martínez

This series of works is the plastic result of a period of research, reading and study of topics related to nature and geometry, with perception, psychology and ethology; with the sense of order and chaos.

Analyzing mathematical schemes and infinite equations where nature is governed by its growth and form, and where the equations have infinite factors and we only know a few data of the equation; where scientists debate each other we are born with a blank board where the experience is filling, or if we are born programmed and as far as.

The subconscious vs the conscious. This plastic result where I have been carried away by rhythmic movements, which could have a mathematical formula and be perfect, but that in my freehand stroke would come into play those other factors that a computer doesn’t have programmed, such as the distance of my arm with respect to the layout, fatigue or vitality of each movement, .

human factors with conscious regularities and unconscious irregularities, and then lead them to a reflection of both the stroke and the color of the end result. In prints and linographs.

About the author

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