Forever friends

Wojciech Janicki

Forever Friends is a global project dedicated to celebration of friendship, tolerance and solidarity every day. The idea behind the little symbol is to share the message of peace as an essential factor in global, local, political, social, cross-cultural and interpersonal relationships these days.

"Forever Friends" is available in three formats: pin, flag, poster distributed worldwide for free. The symbol is black and white and every pin is smaller than 1 inch what gives more powerful message regardless of limits in size and color.

Independent art-director, specialzied in visual communication. Has realized many logo / identity designs for both: commercial and social projects. He is an art academy lecturer: Head of Visual Communication Department at University of the Arts Poznan (Poland). Head of ID (Sign& Identity Studio) UAP Poznan, Visual Identity Studio at Collegium Da Vinci Poznan (Poland). He cooperates with advertising agencies and cultural institutions as an graphic design consultant and designer. He runs an…

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