As much as the body or an object that changes with the passage of time, our perception of things is constantly transformed and becomes experience. In this light installation we create a dialogue between physical space, light and sight with the intention of reflecting and arguing about the obvious and that “not everything that seems is, not everything that is seems, but between the two ( being and seeming) there is a point of understanding ”(Jose Saramago).

The installation consists of the creation of interactive dialogues in space with the intention of playing with the perception of the human being, making a reference to the ambiguous concept of apparent reality.

Color is nothing more than a physical phenomenon of light. The change in the lighting projected towards the colored transparent elements makes some are absorbed and others are reflected.

On the other hand, the same geometries grow the visual game that is discovered each time the user immerses himself in it. Changing the angle of the view completely changes the viewer's perspective.

Instead of proposing a concrete and directed way, we invite the participants to create their own experience and observe how the perspective changes as they walk along the transparent colored walls, as well as enjoy the illusion of light and geometries.

The installation is made up of 12 laser cut colored methacrylate plates suspended in the air with metal hooks and an RGB light projector.

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