Fuck Art! Who’s afraid of modern art?

By: Aintzane De Luna

‘Fuck Art! (Who’s afraid of modern art)’ is an artwork composed of three shoe lasts, where I materialize my concerns and obsessions, what worries or haunts me. It is born from my passion for the arts, my love for design, emotions that other artists offer me, taste for beauty and the ceramic tradition from an innovative view.

This setting-up is marked to a large extent by the transgression, the humour and the provocation; art, criticism, typeface design and fashion are equally blended. With a delicate support like the porcelain and a formal language close to the graffiti and urban culture, I show up my nonconformist spirit, as I propose a reflection about the art among the contemporary society.

Along with my line of work, I have developed an artwork corpus since 2009 in which I show my own contradictions. This series set the beginning point for the future project I am immersed in, called ‘Sans queue ni tête’.

All over, finding the beauty can also be a way of insurrection, when a delicate support and a claim message are combined. The fragile porcelain shoe lasts are the basis of my speech, which is an overwhelming statement of intentions.

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