By: Yaroslava Kellermann

Geometrica (2018)Materials: wood, silver, vitreous enamel (cloisonné technique)These furniture handles is a try to solve a problem of adjusting traditional patterns to modern interior design.

The idea of using folk pattern is an homage to my Ukrainian origins. The use of enamel was crucial to me as well, since as an artist I create projects by means of ancient technique of cloisonné enamel(1.

see explanation below). It is rather rare nowadays due to the automatization of manufacturing processes. But I am convinced that such an exquisite technique allows creating unique pieces, which are never the same and can not be ever repeated.

So, such handles are all about the character, uniqueness, singularity. (1) Cloisonné is an extremely complicated and sophisticated way of wire bending, applying mashed colourful glass to the compartments created and burning it on the high temperatures (780-840 degrees).

After that a piece is polished and put into the setting if necessary.

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