Gnarly Tricks for Under the Sheets

Victor Luis Mota Mattoni

A book illustrated by womendiscussing masturbationthrough finger skating tricks. Female masturbation involves way more grinding and flipping thanthe average male skater practices throughout life.

So we wantto reinforce this powerful act of femininity inside the skateboarding universe. IDEA:A book illustrated by women discussing masturbation through finger skating tricks.

These will be handed out to influencers and sold to the public on skate shops. On social media we’ll share video tutorials with real finger skates on how to land these tricks and invite people to come up with new ones which will face our women’s jury.

CREDITS:Illustrators:Carina SantanaGiovanna CazaleCopywriter:Patrícia MacedoArt Directors:Victor LaarsVictor Mattoni-------School:Miami Ad School Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian Art Director currently living in Spain. I also work with illustration and design.

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