By: Andrea Zalles

GREEN is a digital and alternative currency that does not replace the current economic system, it complements and reduces it. To obtain greens, you have to act in a sustainable manner on a day-to-day basis, either as a company or as a person.

Greens are accumulated as energy in the body and its value is determined by nature itself according to the current state of the planet: the less polluted and damaged it is, the value of GREEN rises.

These greens can be used to purchase products or services. The payment is made through osmosis (energy transfer): you only need to put your hand near the arm or hand of the receptor thinking about the amount to be transferred.

In order to have control of the transactions, GREEN has a platform that keeps track of the sustainable activities that are being done and the amount of greens obtained as a result of those acts.

In addition, you can see the purchases made and the total accumulated greens. All this is represented visually using a digital landscape encapsulated inside a crystal ball as an allusion to a piggy bank that cares and worries about the future of the planet.

As the greens increase, the landscape becomes greener and full of life.

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