Hey honey! Jam me! Be salty! Shinin'on!


Happycook is a fresh homemade meals portuguese brand. The studio was asked to design a low budget packaging for 20 new gourmet products, in a different visual approach from previous released products.

The first main design demand was to create a strong and emphasising label identity so every product would standout from the shelves, aiming for a rupture with traditional visual language used for gourmet products.

The concept was to humanise the labels so they could talk to an audience in a curious and captivating way, exploring street-vernacular expressions. The products were organised in four main categories so it was possible to associate a label’s expression to its content: “Hey honey!” for honey; “Jam me!” for jam; “Be salty!” for salt; “Shinin'on!” for olive oil.

Main messages were handwritten as if they were draw with jam or honey, sliding around the label. The client was surprised with sales increasing and with some costumers curiosity about new releases.

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