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JOVA Construction is a construction company that specializes in custom renovation. Its goal is to build a long-term relationship with the client to help achieve their dreams. Combining residential renovation and commercial projects, JOVA offers exceptional service and a unique product for the market.

Phoenix took care of their website, image & stationery. We imagined a color palette in natural tones of beige, bronze & black in order to bridge the gap between the raw field of construction & the delicacy of an exclusive craft.

The “cartouche”, specific to the architect’s plan, is an element that we decided to put at the heart of the brand image and the declination of items we have designed. For the website, we imagined a very structured grid that also showcases several photos of projects realized by JOVA.

Moreover, because we wanted to include interactivity within the website, we created animations that evolve with its content: the blocs dissipate and the text is dynamic.

You can look at what we do in a couple of ways.Some describe us as a human-scale studio whose artisans design interactions to generate emotions and connect with brands. Others believe we create the alchemy of inspiration from mixing the blood of a design team with the ashes of the Phoenix. Flip a coin and see which one you get. It landed on the edge, didn't it... By merging interaction and emotion, Phoenix The Creative Studio creates brand experiences that engage people.

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