Materializing the intangible: A creative look at the intangible cultural heritage of Navarre The work reflected here is subjective and personal. It is a look from the 21st century into the intangible cultural heritage of a land, without ties or restraints, and using the exaltation of beauty and the contemplation of detail as a reference point.

With the utmost respect we photographed essences, dedicated lives, ancestral heritages. Stop, observe, and immortalize. One photograph, one moment, one instant to be enjoyed and reviewed.

Throughout the generations, humans perpetuate traditions, rites, costumes, folklore, or dance. Such recurrence turns that into heritage for all. Partly forgotten, partly re-emerged.

We now look at our time with the hope of showing it and preserving it, with the belief that by bringing our culture to the forefront we create synergy and understanding. There are many studies and publications on heritage in all its scientific, sociological, or ethnographic versions, mainly oriented to safeguarding and cataloguing.

Intangible Navarre’s proposal points in a different direction: it is both creative and oneiric, a reverie, the part for the whole. Where art is the filter, heritage makes up the content, and the result is a composition in all its magnitude.

EN BUEN SITIO PRODUCCIONES is a company based in Pamplona (NAVARRA-SPAIN), created by art director Lucía Benito and cinematographer Jokin Pascual. En Buen Sitio has produced feature documentaries and short fiction and documentary films of its own production, participating in many national and international festivals.

It is currently developing feature and short documentary projects. The objective of En Buen Sitio is …

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