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Moon Holes

The word "Look" comes from English and means to look. Around this concept revolves the lineeditorial of the magazine. “Look” magazine is not a conventional fashion publication,combines current fashion that we can find in other publications such as Vogue and focuses on thearticles from a critique to fashion and to copy copying.

With "copy of the copy" he intendscriticize the tendency of the human being to go to "fashion", with this he wants to raise awareness of the importanceto feel comfortable with clothes and not be influenced by what we "see".

And thatIt does it from the iron a since the name of the magazine prompts you or calls the user to"Look at it. " The strong point of the magazine since 2008 has been criticism and now in 2021 they want to bringbeyond that criticism through other visual strategies.

Moon Holes

Moon Holes


Moon Holes is a Spanish graphic designer whose interest is emotional design, applying it to all her works. @moon. holes

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