Lunch With

Feixue Mei

I started this project because nowadays, people are lack of interaction with strangers. The situation was even worse in China, where most people even do not know their neighbors.

I wanted to provide an opportunity for people to communicate more with their neighbors and make new friends. Many people bring their lunch to school or work, and they always eat alone.

I felt this was a very lonely thing. I thought I can make an app to solve this problem and encourage more face-to-face communication. People can take a photo for their lunch box in the morning and post it on the app, then find someone nearby who also wanted to find lunch mates.

While eating, they can make new friends and get more familiar with their neighbors. In addition, it was easy for people to open their heart to each other while eating since it is a very relaxing activity.

Normally, only people who have similar income and social status can live in the same community. They also have more common topics to discuss. Moreover, this app is only for lunch.

Users don’t need to worry about security problems since lunch is a daytime thing.

Feixue Mei is an interdisciplinary artist and an Assistant Professor at Northwest Missouri State University. She is fascinated by mass media and internet culture. Her work explores diverse media such as publications, videos, performances, illustrations, comics, and installations. Her creative practice and research have been recognized by the PCA/ ACA Conferences; Printed Matter Art Book Fairs; Art and Education, a collaboration between Artforum and e_flux; International Design Award (IDA), COW…

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