Marca Turística: Marina Alta

By: Craig Robert Hussey

La Marina Alta is a region of Alicante (Spain) that is composed of 33 villages. This region has a spectacular landscape made out of high mountain ranges, marshes, rivers, beaches, coves and the mediterranean sea.

The other main feature of the La Marina Alta is that it is a very traditional region: It has historical castles, amazing vine terraces that produce different local products, and many people sell handmade products such as straw baskets and hats.

The locals are always celebrating local festivals and they use there the native local language called “valencià”. I wanted to include all these elements when I designed the brand, working on a concept based on conserving the region as it is now, with all its history and traditions.

This way, a deseasonalized and varied tourism could “save” the region from the saturated and homogenized type of tourism that is ruining so many cities in the world. (place over space).

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