Victor Valera

Morphé is an intelligent office chair developed to improve the ergo- nomics of people. Its biomorphic aesthetics is directly related to its adaptability to the morphology of each person, counting on a sys- tem of interconnected pistons, which regulate erroneous postures and implements a more dynamic work model.

Due to its Wi-Fi technology Morphe is able to connect with dif- ferent electronic devices, creating a simple and intuitive interface that shows recommendations and alternatives when sitting, also allowing individual customization of different formal configurations makes it possible to program specific positions for different tasks.

This product has come in order to modify incorrect postures during work, due to a system of pistons interconnected with each otherin charged of performing vertical movements. This movementsare done automatically by the system called ̈Iot kit ̈ device, which sends electrical signals to activate a motor that rotates a Cam and this in turn makes the piston go up or down leading to the move- ment of the muscles allowing a better pumping of fresh blood and oxygen through the brain, which helps to optimize brain functions, resulting in a more effective worker during the workday.

Morphé technology system has been design to help prevent back health problems, among them: the muscular degeneration, caused by the overload of the muscles around the ischial tuberosities, the trapezoids and the abdominal muscles.

Thanks to its high tech- nology performance correcting bad positions for the spine, thus avoiding the excess pressure that occurs in the vertebrae and compresses the cervical and lumbar discs.

Me considero un creativo, una persona muy curiosa que ama experimentar y descubrir nuevas soluciones para los problemas de la vida cotidiana. Me encantan los retos, perderme en mi mundo de ideas, descubrir cosas nuevas y ver lo que nadie más puede.

Ser una persona sinestésica me da una perspectiva diferente en el proceso creativo, siempre llegando a soluciones más sensibles y conectadas con el ser humano.

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