Nature and human intervention: A look at shapes and their harmony

By: Sergio del Hierro y Elena Casas

Nature and human intervention: A look at shapes and their harmony is a photographic series taken by Elena Casas on the Catalan coast using analog format: 35mm black and white film.

Therefore, the images uploaded on the entry are scanned negatives. THE CONCEPTUsually, when we observe the natural elements that make up the coast, we tend to fix our eyes on the colors: how intense is the turquoise color on the water, how much green there is and how it looks in contrast with the color of the water, the rocks and the sky.

. . For this reason, I wanted to omit color in this project, in order to be able to show another side of nature and the buildings that are part of the coast: the harmony and balance that the combination of the shapes of these elements conveys.

DESCRIPTION OF EACH PHOTOGRAPHYThe series consists of three photographs that show these shapes from different points of view. Photography 1: Natural shapes, tries to show the shapes of nature in the nude, without human intervention next to it.

This brings us to picture 2: Sharp shapes, where we see how the sharp corners of the building find their representation in nature through the sharp leaves of the adjacent plants.

On the other hand, the columns resemble their stems. In photo 3: Curved and straight shapes, the curves of the coast lead us to a much more straight shape among the vegetation which is a product of human intervention and breaks with those curves of the coastline, bringing rhythm to the composition.

For me, these combinations convey harmony and peace. In addition, they show how human intervention in the natural environment can be integrated in a rather organic way by imitating or complementing (depending on the picture, as we have seen in photographs 2 and 3) the original nature's shapes.

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