Naut - Personal Care Product Family

By: Kerem İnak

Naut is an imaginary hair care product family with walnut aroma, which includes a total of nine products in three types and three sizes. The first two types are shampoo and hair conditioner, while the third type is a premium deep conditioner i.

e. a special edition. The design idea is to transfer some features of walnut to the packaging in an abstract way. In this respect, walnut was analysed in terms of its form, texture, structure, taste, and smell.

Some contrasting keywords such as “plain-articulated” and “rigid-fragile” were used as a guide and inspiration. The reason for the wrinkly structure of the walnut is to store genetic information.

This is transferred to the packaging as curves defining surfaces and layers to separate primary information (brand name, product type etc. ) and secondary information (additional statements, facts, statistics etc.

), while also strengthening the structure and creating squeezing-points. The positive-negative relationship is reflected to the curves and the layers on the shampoo and the conditioner as they are complementary products.

The caps are slightly bigger and rough to relate to the rigidity and protectiveness of the shell. In accordance with the abstract aspects of walnut such as taste and smell, a minimal graphic approach is adopted to create a contrast with the form of the packaging.

The slight bitterness & softness of the fruit appear in earthy tones and a non-dominant visual style. The premium special edition was inspired from black walnut, which has a rougher structure with sharper taste and smell compared to the regular walnut.

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