Neris pavilion

By: Ana Blanco de la Fuente

A pavilion on the Neris River to take a break from the day and enjoy this beautiful landscape of Vilnius. This pavilion is a public space located on the river Neris, an urban and natural environment of the city of Vilnius, Lithuania.

With a permanent longevity, the purpose of this pavilion is sightseeing and recreational, the enjoyment of space and time. A structure designed to rest, to stand in the midst of the chaos of urban life to observe the sky, the river, the birds and the passage of time.

On a reinforced concrete platform of 10 x 12 meters -supported by a structure specially designed to be under water-, the pavilion rises. A glass enclosure with steel profiles and an organic shape.

It’s roof is also slightly curved, to avoid that in the winter accumulates the snow on it. Two chrome plated steel surfaces complete the set. They embrace you and receive through the front where the access is located -an anti-slip steel ramp that communicates with the shor- without covering the back, so you can enjoy the landscape without interference.

The furniture consists of seat parts and pots. It pretends to be austere and discreet, since the real protagonist is the space itself. They could be changeable, that the galleries and shops of Vilnius used it to show some of its products.

A simple space with a multitude of nuances, shapes, reflections, details and contrasts. A space for the enjoyment of the senses. Spatial structure for use as support and / or for closing of surfaces.

The structure is constituted by a plurality of blades articulated together at their ends, each blade being formed by a pair of bars with an intermediate joint, while the extreme joints of some blades with others they establish by means of knots affected by three steps perpendicular to each other for the assembly of respective rods that constitute the articulation of the different rods on the knot itself.

The bars have lugs with holes for the passage of the hinge rods.

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