Onyx Cinema Rebrand

Joy Tsai

Onyx Cinema is a talented team of filmmakers who shoot everything from commercials to narratives, events and documentaries. When I first saw Onyx Cinema's videography, I fell in love with the team's fluid camera work and incredible storytelling ability.

When Onyx asked for a complete rebrand, I knew right away that I needed to capture that movement and story. The logo design has varied, alternating rings that represent both the rings of an onyx stone (which was what the company was originally named after) and the fluid movement of a camera lens.

The business cards utilize beautiful stills captured from Onyx's films. The black and white treatment minimizes distraction and draws attention to the Onyx team's immersive storytelling.

Joy is a freelance creative director based in sunny Irvine, California. She activates the full potential of brands with intelligent, intentional design. For over 8 years, Joy has designed across print, screen and space, with a client base including Samsung, Microsoft, Bosch and Orange County.

Joy is fueled by chai lattes, fig-flavored anything and hikes with her dog Leica.

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