Pleo web prototype

By: Prakhar Neel Sharma

Pleo is a fundamentally new way to manage company expenses. Offering instant and on-demand Prepaid Mastercard virtual cards for online purchases and plastic cards for in-store purchases, Pleo enables employees to buy the things they need for work, all while keeping the companies in full control of all spending.

With the help of breakthrough technology, Pleo reduces the administrative complexity, eliminates expense reports and simplifies bookkeeping. I am fortunate to work on the overall product experience from the base defining UI and UX for the website and mobile apps.

I worked on branding strategy, choose right typography that reflects Pleo aesthetics and make it a design driven firm. For full resolution screens, please check here : https://www.

behance. net/gallery/51731117/Pleo-A-company-card-that-works-for-you

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