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We live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world where being one step ahead is key. As a global communication and public affairs consulting firm with 25 years of experience, we know the importance of adapting to the current context, both with our clients and our value offer.

Based on this premise, Llorente & Cuenca became LLYC in April 2019, presenting a new value proposal of “Anticipate. Embrace Disruption. ” This approach reflects the ways organizations must face the uncertainty inherent to the current environment.

Our goal has become to take advantage of the opportunities and minimize the risks that spring up due to our disruptive world. To support our brand promise, we not only adopted the shorter, stronger name of LLYC, but also: crafted a new visual identity, developed a new website, implemented a new internal digital desktop for employees and launched a new commercial offering, consolidating the recently acquired companies of Impossible Tellers and Arenalia under the name LLYC.

Regarding our design strategy, we followed a creative strategy to translate our new brand’s meaning into a new, attractive visual identity. The results of this rebranding have been immediate.

Its benefits have been noticeable in several areas from the first month. ***Please, the video link is confidential, just for the jury. In case of being winners, we can send you another video to publish

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