Jara Dichas

This is my second portrait. I love fantasy themed illustrations and I wanted to do a composition of this genre involving a girl. Her hair is flying all around the place and is surrounded by clouds, as if these same clouds were the reason for her hair to be so revolved.

I truly enjoyed doing the shadows, the lights and texture of the hair and face. A wanted people who look at this illustration to feel calmed, that was my intention with these piece.

I am Jara Dichas a 24 years old art director and illustrator student from Sevilla, SPAIN. I am currently studying the art direction and copywriting program in Miami Ad School Madrid.

Although my career main focus is set on advertising at the moment, I am very passionate about illustration and I wish to follow a career on the illustration field later on. But first, I understand I have to learn a lot more and keep improving on my skills.

I have been drawing since I was very…

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