By: Arquimaña

The Salchibotxo is an artisan hot dog, made with the most famous sausage from the Botxo, the one made famous by the Thate brothers, developed by the Bistró Guggenheim Bilbao. From Arquimaña we were commissioned to design a portable or Pop-up unit where they can cook, prepare and sell the product on the street, in addition to offering cold drinks.

The position must fulfill some very clear premises, avoid to the maximum the classic image of traveling position and identify with the traditional products and artisans such as La Salve beer and sausages of the Thate brothers.

An urban element that the ordinary Bilbaíno identifies with tradition and modernity. The result is a folding and multipurpose cart, made with oak and perforated plate by laser, which on the outside fulfills the function of craftsman dog stand, but also serves as a portable position in culinary events within the museum.

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