Scatti. Scritti.

Francesca Zanette

"Scatti. Scritti. " is an artistic territory where Photography and Literature melt together. The project aims at exploring the narrative potential of images and tries to answer the question: can photography create a narrative, given its irreducible temporality? The artist is captured by situations that - she feels - have a profound narrative power.

While she looks into the viewfinder, the frame starts being populated by the characters of a story, which is worth to be told. She then takes the picture and notes down the plot outline.

Afterwards, the overall idea is recollected in tranquility and translated into a short story. It is not about sticking a literary work on an image or, vice versa, being inspired by an image to write a piece of literature.

Visual inspirations and words interact simultaneously at the origin: this is the creative process. That’s why the image cannot be separated from the related short story: they are two views of a single body.

Coherently, the artwork is proposed as intersection and overlap between Photography and Literature: the short story is written on a piece of suspended glass that can slide above the image.

In many respects, images and words complement each other: they resonate with our soul at different depths and they linger in our mind with different timing. This effect is well reproduced in the artwork.

The viewer-reader’s sight can swing between the lines of the text and the photo, thus obtain a new sensory mix.

Francesca Zanette is an Italian brand designer, photographer and writer. She strongly believes in the power of creativity and beauty: “pairing creativity with purpose” is the motto that inspires both her work and artistic projects.

In her bag, she always carries a Lamy fountain pen and a Nikon camera, because Photography and Writing are the means she uses to narrate her view of the world. Her project “Scatti. Scritti. ” has been exhibited in different Italian cities.…

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