Souvenirs from the earth

IED Barcelona

'SOUVENIRS FROM THE EARTH' started as a challenge in terms of design, aesthetic and functionality. The aim was to create costumes that could work in zero gravity, breaking the verticality and how we know fashion on earth.

This project is created by three designers: Toni Sobrino, Masha Novikova and Denise Graus. Souvenir from the earth allowed us to experiment and create clothing that may have sense in 360 degrees.

The garments are adapted to the environment, making us perceive different sensations. To achieve that, in terms volume, we made it using layers and transparency to create shapes depending on where they are.

At the same time with the multiple fabric manipulations we play with the verticality of each piece, making the textures have more value than the pattern itself. That allowed us to set aside the rationality of a zero gravity space.

On the other hand the three looks represent an idea of living in outer space. A confrontation between futurism and the idea of a life style outside the Earth. At the same time it is something very primitive, the idea of starting a new civilization, that is the reason why the three looks are divided recreating our feelings trying to imagine a future in space.

Through the different prints and manipulations we have designed new textiles using padded fabrics, pictures of the earth from outer space and images of nature to use the garments as a message from the earth to the universe.

A compilation of souvenirs from our planet that we would take with us in case we were moving to a different one: flowers, seeds, shapes of water, fields and landscapes to remember the beauty of the Earth.

(The pictures are taken by: Luiza Lacava)

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