Space Boots I Am Free

By: Andrew Rose

An artistic rendition of outer space. The mystery and size of space captures the attention of most people. In space, one is free to discover who they are and where they need to go.

MTV had a promotion for the 2015 VMA's, and gave away greenscreens of Miley Cyrus to those interested. For more VMA greenscreen information: mashable. com/2015/08/05/mtv-cryptic-vma-promos/#fMD6bSHLUaqb For the full compilation video: vimeo.

com/162005372 All assets and animations other than the soundtrack, satellite model (non-textured), and asteroid model (non-textured) were created by me. Soundtrack: "Space Boots" by "Miley Cyrus" Programs Used: Adobe Premiere- Video Editing and Color Correction Adobe Photoshop- Environment Painting Adobe After Effects- Motion Graphics and Animation Adobe Audition- Audio Mixing and Editing Blackmagic Fusion- Compositing, Render Pass Compositing, and Color Correction Autodesk Maya- 3D Modeling, Texturing, Animating

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