By: Víctor Vilar San José

Tail is a T-shaped seat, designed to sit in those times when we are tired and there is no place to rest or they all are busy. For all these situations we just have to take our product and sit on it.

It is made out of four cylinders of beech wood, they assemble together to acquire the final form. All tubes are empty inside where it is located a rubber band that joins them with some tension, thus allowing the user to easily either pick “tail” up or assemble it.

All pieces have a different shape so that the unfolding and folding operation works correctly. The shape of Tail is born from the total simplification of a seat, with a design that is the most efficient in terms of material, space and use.

The main function of this product is to provide rest and comfort quickly for short periods of time. The product remains closed while not in use, the rubber band that holds the pieces together has tension so the pieces tend to open.

Because of this, the rubber is used as the closing mechanism. The function of this is to keep the product folded when it is saved The small size of the product allows it to be stored in a backpack easily.

Once it is going to be used, “the rubber" is removed (which can be used as a bracelet, thus enhancing the branding of the product) and it opens automatically. A product that can be used quickly, easily and safely.

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