The intriguing and inimaginable creatures

Vanessa Silva

Artistic exhibition of sketches and drawings (and possibly sculptures) of unreal creatures, simulating their existence on this world as a "real proof" of them! With this elements we would have also some videos (with animation) for a further interpretation of this creatures and sound would be also very important.

The main objective is that the visiter feels inside the universe of this creatures and make him think that they are "real"!

Born in 18-07-1994, Lisbon, Portugal. Living in Barcelona, Spain. Since little my passion is drawing, creating and imagining creatures and characters around stories. I´ve begun my road through art when I started to study at Antonio Arroio, where I´ve found my real admiration for cinema and movie production.

Then I went to the Faculdade de Belas Artes (Fine Arts Faculty) of Lisbon, where I did a degree in sculpture. There, I explored another new area: traditional modeling. With the…

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