The Land of Ice / The Land of Fire Editorial Brochure

By: Virginia Christakos

The Land of Ice & Fire is split in half and includes two sections: the land of ice and the land of fire. It is meant to be read from either side and once the reader reaches the middle, he should flip it over and start reading the other side.

Cyan and red are the colors that represent each side respectively and inspired me the use of anaglyph 3D technique. To achieve this result, the photos are noticeable desaturated and treated with a stereoscopic 3D effect (encoding each eye's image using filters of different color) in order to create depth when viewed with 3D red cyan glasses.

When viewed without them, the stereoscopic effect creates movement and pulse. While wearing the 3D red cyan glasses, the viewer is advised to cover the right eye when viewing The Land of FIRE cover and respectively, cover the left eye when viewing The Land of ICE cover.

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