Tréliz, Branding, Logo Design

Andia Angelidou

Tréliz, Branding, Logo Design by Andia Angelidou - Creative Work

Silk, cashmere and alpaca comprise the quality yarns that Tréliz dyes by hand with exceptional artistry. With the slogan #colorispower the yarns are available in skeins, individually or in kits, and are sold online as well as at the renowned knit parties the company organises.

To create the kits it collaborates with Greek and foreign designers of woollen clothes who make accessories exclusively for the Tréliz brand. A series of booklets provide instructions for knitting scarves, stoles and hats.

The Tréliz logo references handwriting, a reflection of its handmade artistry, guided by the forms created by the needles and the free looping of the thread itself.

Simple in design and with feminine lines, it accommodates all the bright colours - just as the Tréliz slogan says, color is power!