Variation de Couleur

By: Isabel Dublang

The photos, some drawings and collages were present in March 2018 at Ofr´s Gallery (Paris). They were inspired by a journey through the west of Africa. The photos were the origin of everything, once at home we organized the expo and completed it with collages, badges and balloons.

It finally results something between a state of mind and an artistic project. mssouane was our destination after passing 4 months in the Casamance Area, south of Senegal. Our idea was to spend a few days and follow our road to home, but once in Imssouane we no longer wanted to move.

We had waves, calm and a precious house. Every morning we made our shopping in the locals groceries and this daily routine was no more than an excuse to collect the colored bags they gave you whith the purchase.

First the yellow bag, then the blue, the next day the green, the purple… A fantastic souvenir of walks, waves, people and love.

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