vase design

By: Elham

“A step after what is typical. ”First – beginning The beginning of everything is the moment I step further away from restrictionsAway from any arrangement that tries to restrict me with a “customary” label.

Restrictions have always troubled me. Second – MeI am always looking for myself in my designsPieces that cultivate a structured whole that reflect my thoughts. I have trekked in many directions during my creative design path.

I was an interior designer. But in the end, nothing – none of them reflected me. Third – Collaboration My designs are a place for collaboration. Each mind is a unique and exclusive space.

This flexible design can develop and expand as many times as it is seen and analyzed by different minds who are looking for an answer to the questions; “what is this” and “what use does it have”.

I appreciate this challenge – unprompted answers – answers that are the result of intellectual exploration. A collection of interpretations that are in parallel:“I can be all and none

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