Vinyl record sleeves for Cocoon Recordings


"Their ability to create something so cutting edge and jaw-dropping out of just a few letterforms stands alone at the top of the mountain. I can’t think of a studio that has compiled such incredible work as a stand alone, much less the immense collection of awe-inspiring sleeves when taken as a whole.

Not only are they incredible designers, but they are passionate about sharing those skills and inspiring others. That has led to their typeface designs, as well as teaching and speaking at the university level.

If they empower the next wave of designers to be even half as talented and fun as they are the world will instantly be a much better place. " – John Foster, Album Art: New Music Graphics.

Thames and Hudson Ltd, 2018

Schultzschultz is a design studio based in Frankfurt, Germany. Creating and working with company brands for many years, we are quite experienced in branding, corporate design, and packaging.

Typography, type design and lettering is our great passion. In many cases we use typefaces, that we designed especially and sometimes exclusively for the specific job. At the same time we do concept driven design projects – like photography books – that hardly involve any letters.


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