Visions de l'Amen

By: Alba Font Villar

Flyer for the concert Visions of the Amen by Olivier Messiaen performed by the students of the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón. "Amen, word of Genesis, which leads to Revelation; Amen, word of Revelation which is the consummation of Genesis "(Amen, the word of Genesis, which leads to Revelation: Amen, the word of Revelation that is the consummation of Genesis)".

Messiaen found in the phrase of the German theologian Ernst Hello, the conceptual starting point for developing this suite. Design is focused on the main themes on which the composer worked and was inspired by: religion, spirituality of creation, ornithology, deep admiration towards the figure of Jesus and nature.

It is also worth highlighting the synesthesia Messiaen experienced and influenced his works. This caused that a color in particular evokd on him harmonies or specific sounds. In the case of "Visions of the Amen" mainly composed in the key to A, he associated with shades of blue, the color of the sky and eternity.

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