Borja Viguiristi Larrea

Woodville aims to change the way housing is conceived and produced, towards a much more sustainable, ecological and communal space. It designs houses with wood from sustainable plantations, under passivhaus criteria and with immediate delivery.

The corporate identity is based on the biophilic qualities of the product and takes the letters of the naming W + V as a base. From this union, an imagotype is created with a top part without right angles that represents the dome-shaped top of its mohma modules.

During the development of the visual identity, this shape becomes more representative. What is Woodville fighting against?We understand the world we live in as: a confusing, rushed, unsettled, over-packed world where keeping order and calm is complicated.

We take all that away and value clarity, simplicity and enjoying everyday moments in contact with nature above all else. In order to maintain coherence with the brand values, we act on a series of points before generating any material.

Work with ecological, sustainable or recycled papers. Print as close to the company as possible to take into account the ecological footprint of the printed product. Do not use laminates or finishes such as metallic stamping, which are very difficult to recycle.

Print only what is strictly necessary.

Borja Viguiristi Larrea (Pamplona - Iruñea 1985) más conocido como bov. Soy un diseñador gráfico especializado en el desarrollo de marcas que actualmente dirige bov design. Este pequeño espacio nace con la idea de acabar con el logocentrismo y ayudar a las empresas a contar mejor lo que son desde su propósito.

Abarco diferentes disciplinas dentro del branding como son el desarrollo de marcas, packaging y diseño web. Busco crear proyectos visuales y contenidos que provoquen…

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