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Do you want to share your design projects with a creative community? Find all the information related to our Call for Entries

The Call for Entries is an opportunity for those who are willing to expose and share inspiring projects inside a global community. This community has been growing largely during recent editions and therefore we noticed an increasing interest on discovering new creative profiles. The aim of this open call is to showcase a selection of inspiring works based on their quality and professionality.

Who can participate? As has been usual on recent years, the Call for Entries is open to creative profiles sharing interest on visual design and communication. There are multiple categories (listed below) on which you can apply, review them to see if your work can fit in one.

The way we handle new applications is simple: you should full fill the form at the bottom of this page entering all requested information about your project. The technical specifications of the submission are described at the end of this section. This is the correct step by step:

Please note that only a single work can be send per application, if you wish to submit multiple works you should re-enter the form each time. Even though there is no limit of participation and due to the strict selection process, we will only accept finished works with a minimum quality.

To determinate which works should be selected, a group of creative directors, design professionals, school directors and media creators will review and evaluate each received entry. The selection process requires time and once the jury reaches an agreement we will contact all selected participants.

The Call for Entries' application is free of cost and no previous registration is needed. If you work becomes selected it could appear on: our digital platform, on the printed edition of the annual book or at several creative expositions. All works' rights will remain to their respective owners. The promotion of the works will always be credited with the author's name, profile image and URL if provided.

Technical requirements and specifications:

Terms and Conditions:
Professionals / Students who have created a design project/work for one or more clients (can be real or ficticial). You can participate in one or several categories, but be aware that duplicate projects will not be accepted. You can submit as many projects as you desire but please fill out a form for each job. If you have any doubts you can contact us via: entries[at]selectedinspiration (dot) com

License agreement:
By submitting a work, the designer certifies the ownership of the work that is been presented and that all the submitted details are veridic. By sending an application, artists authorize Selected to expose his/her work in out digital platform, on several creative exhibition and into the printed Book for this edition. All rights rights rest to the respective owners of each work. All projects will always be displayed with credit names and contact information.

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