Gemma Busquets
Gemma Busquets

Gemma Busquets Barcelona

What if you could partner with a designer who understands your big picture strategy while maintaining exceptional visual standards and attention to detail at a micro level?

I’m an independent designer and art director, working with global brands and clients committed to providing the highest quality products and services. In my 10+ years in the industry, I’ve worked with more than 120 international clients, including Capital One, Cedars-Sinai, Coca-Cola, Dell, LinkedIn, Nike, HuffPost. My clients keep coming back because I can always find a way to make their lives easier.

I’ve spent years honing my ability to break down complex problems and create simple, elegant solutions. Along the way, I developed a keen eye for making digital experiences and visuals that align with your strategy, but that are first and foremost designed to delight and captivate audiences.

I believe design should bring clarity and joy to people. While I do all the strategy and design myself, I also work with a select network of highly skilled copywriters, developers, and photographers with a shared vision. Rest assured, I’ll assemble a dependable team to give your brand the best results in all these areas.

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