Jürgen Salenbacher
Jürgen Salenbacher

Jürgen Salenbacher

twitter.com/jsalenbacher Barcelona

Jürgen Salenbacher is a brand strategist, business design thinking coach and innovation facilitator. He designs agile learning experiences for personal and organizational transformation around the world. He has been teaching at the Design University IED Barcelona and IED Florence, HSLU Luzern and Hyper Island in Stockholm.

Since 2013 he has worked as an innovation coach for a Zurich utility company facilitating innovation management with a focus on business design thinking, smart city strategy, digital skill and competence building.

His first Book ‘Creative Personal Branding’, now in its 6 th English edition, has been published in Spanish and Russian.

He has been given talks, workshops and masterclasses in Barcelona, Bilbao, Florence, Lucerne, Tallinn, Vienna and Zurich. Work study destinations have included Argentina, China, Colombia, Estonia, Ethiopia, Russia, Israel and India.

His vision is to work with as many people as possible from as many countries as possible, always with the human-centred approach to better understand how we best collaborate, share stories and share culture and work in a meaningful way.

(foto: Umberto Costamagna Wired)

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