Pati Nuñez
Pati Nuñez

Pati Nuñez Barcelona

Directora de Pati Núñez Associats, empresa dedicada al diseño de Packaging y Branding. Su labor profesional ha sido reconocida con once trofeos Laus, el Premi Nacional de Cultura de la Generalitat de Cataluña 2006, el Premio Nacional de Diseño 2007, otorgado por el Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación y el Laus de Honor 2022 de ADGFAD.
Desde 1983 imparte clases, conferencias y cursos de posgrado.


Since 1985 Pati Núñez Associats studio has specialized in branding and packaging design. We have extensive experience with successful products.

Located in Barcelona’s Gràcia neighbourhood, our structure is small and versatile: We use external professionals to bring a multidisciplinary dimension to our work.

Our solutions are seductive because they are simple, direct, powerful and appealing.

We know how to foresee market trends. We know how to adapt to the necessities to every client’s project individually. We offer an enduring style and strategy that ensure the brands vitality.

We pay great attention to detail, particularly to typography and image.

We see brands and packaging as a means of communication with the consumer. The key of our process consists in choosing concepts that define the product’s identity thus designing a coherent brand strategy. This is how we come up with the naming, the architecture of the design, the graphic design style, the shape of the container and the communication tools. As a result of our intervention products have tripled their sales and on many occasions have become market leaders.

We offer services of naming, branding, restyling, packaging design, industrial design of containers, POS element design, as well as merchandising, communication campaigns, art direction and production control.

Among other prizes, the studio has been awarded eleven Laus trophies, the Premi Nacional de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya and a National Design Award, given by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

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