16è Festival Internacional de Màgia

Estudi Ramon Carreté

Development and design of the graphic elements for the International Magic Festival commissioned by Badalona Cultura. We created a custom typography and made the paper model of a rabbit.

The campaign included posters in several formats, programme booklets, streetlight banners, roll-up banners and press advertisements. Magicians from all around the world arrive in Badalona to participate in the International Magic Festival.

It was created to pay homage to the Badalona illusionist, Joan Forns i Jordana, known as Li-Chang, who died in 1998. Since then, his passion for magic is reborn every year with shows offered by great magicians, workshops, book presentations and conferences.

Estudi Ramon Carreté es un estudio de diseño gráfico multidisciplinar con sede en Badalona.…

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