2020:Interactive Virtual Collection


2020: Interactive Virtual Art Collection is an interactive virtual art collection that aims to answer these questions. For us, an art museum is a space that brings curated artwork and it’s viewer together.

As Duchamp said in 1957, “All in all, the creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world(. . . )”. Art begins with the artist, yet it is not complete until it meets it’s spectator.

It should be as virtual as it is physical; and interactive as possible. Concept and Development: İpek Kuran YıldırımZeynep Burcu Kaya AlpanArtists: Memory Invaders: Ege ÖzyuvacıDisintegrate: Esen KüçüktütüncüOUTCRY: Elif Cerrahoğlu, Pınar HorozoğluArzen: Yusuf UluferHappiness: Luis Miguel Alves Fernandes Can't You See?: Naci Hakan ZehirlioğluSkin: Melike TarakçıVolumetric Song: Boğaçhan Bakır, Gözde AkyolPrice Tag: İpek Kuran Yıldırım, Rıza Yıldırım, Zeynep Burcu Kaya AlpanHardware: Oculus Rift S VR System, VR-Ready Computer.

Artworks were created partly at 2020: Interactive Art Workshops at VR1- Bahçeşehir University and Alt lab- Bilgi University. Thank youAhmetcan AlpanÖzde KaradağKutsal Mustafaoğluİlbey ÇağanHarid Taşkın

MEKÂN • SPACE is an experience design studio. The focus of the studio is on creating immersive and interactive experiences. We come from a human-centered design perspective which engages people and provokes active participation.

Thus, people become part of the experience whether it is an artwork or a commercial project. We use the tools offered by today's technologies in order to investigate the production methods of new ideas and stories! Our team is innovative with a holistic…

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